With the creation of the CeBDon product family our primary goal is to deliver premium quality CBD oil to our customers at a reasonable price. That’s why our products contain crystal-clear CBD substance from organic cultivation and also golden-yellow extra virgin cold pressed organic hemp seed oil as carrier oil. In both cases, after careful research and consideration we decided for a renowned American manufacturer to achieve the highest possible quality. The main consideration behind our selection were the traceable, organic cultivation and the best possible quality (proved by independent laboratory) to ensure the superior quality of our products. This is how we can provide balanced products with consistent quality to our customers. The precise composition of products is ensured by our colleague with a doctorate in pharmaceutical science who supervises every process starting with the quality supervision of the engineering work of the substance manufacturer until it gets into the vials. We believe the whole is greater than just a sum of its parts, the creation of a new quality.

Full spectrum formula

Full spectrum formula 750 mg
[7,5 %]

Full spectrum formula 1500 mg
[15 %]

Full spectrum formula 4000 mg
[40 %]

Broad spectrum formula

Broad spectrum formula 750 mg
[7,5 %]

Broad spectrum formula 1500 mg
[15 %]

Broad spectrum formula 4000 mg
[40 %]


CBD (cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid without psychoactive effect derived from hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). Medical and biological researches conducted in the past 10-15 years suggest that the use of CBD is harmless to the human body. As a matter of fact, CBD is an active component of two medicaments (Sativex(R) and Epidiolex(R)) that have been approved by the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency which supports its potential beneficial effects.


On this page we already mentioned that CBD is a phytocannbinoid without psychoactive effect and does not impact memory or movement functions. Based on the published studies we can say that CBD might have antioxidant and anesthetic properties. Further on, several different beneficial attributes have been observed related to nervous system support and with regards to the treatment of tumors and psychological disorders. The following section focuses on the potential beneficial effects of CBD that have been published in scientific literature.


CeBDon Kft. is a 100% Hungarian company which is committed to produce and distribute high-quality CBD oils. „Our goal is to introduce and offer CBD and other cannabinoids to the wide public while being aligned with the latest biomedical and pharmaceutical findings.