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CeBDon dosage

Since each individual has a distinct metabolism, biochemical mechanism, weight and intentions with CeBDon CBD it’s not easy to provide a straightforward answer concerning the applicable dose. Even high doses proved to be safe. In general, based on clinical data collected, the favorable dose varies between 20 and 1500 mg/day. In majority of the cases the most efficient dosage proved to be divided in 2-3 batches daily as this keeps the level of CBD consistently up throughout the day. In certain cases (e.g., when is CBD used as an adjunct treatment besides other medicaments) it is possible to take CBD only once a day. It is important to know the content of the product to determine its dosage and we indicate the amount of CBD in one drop of CeBDon oil so that the applicable dose can be determined easily. To set up our personal dose it is recommended to increase the daily dose gradually. E.g., take 1-2 drop(s) 3 times a day on the first week that can be gradually increased to the amount indicated on the packing.

How to store my CeBDon oil?

CeBDon oils are packed in brown bottles which protects them from the adverse effects of the sunlight. We recommend to keep CBD oils away from sunlight and air possibly below 21° C for which the best place is inside the fridge.

The interaction of CBD with alcohol

Although numerous studies related to CBD are being carried out the interaction with alcohol and/or their combined effect have been investigated only few times. We can say that alcohol takes effect even when used with CBD and the well-known symptoms like alcoholic daze, speech disorders or memory loss can all be present. However, in certain cases CBD can lower the level of alcohol in the bloodstream compared to the cases when CBD was not consumed with alcohol. Besides, CBD can reduce the neurodegenerative effect of alcohol and might protect the liver. At the same time, when CBD is used with alcohol the CBD can have a stronger relaxant effect than it would without the alcohol. Beverages both with alcohol and CBD content are getting more and more popular nowadays. By the consumption of such beverages the CBD gets processed in the stomach instead of the oromucosal surface which results in less effective absorption but we can come to the conclusion that CeBDon CBD is safe to use even when consumed with alcohol.

Can you develop tolerance to CBD?

Research results indicate that the human body can actually react with reverse tolerance to CBD. Since it’s not a molecule connecting directly to CB1 and CB2 receptors but rather stimulating their activity what might reverse the process of addiction and even less amount of CBD might be enough to achieve the same result. Knowledge gathered from current researches suggest that neither tolerance nor addiction can be developed and the same dose of CBD is enough to keep up the same effect.

The absorption and bioavailability of CBD in the organism

The consumption of CBD can happen in 3 different ways: by inhaling/smoking, by eating in solid form or by consuming it in liquid form. While the solid form gets absorbed in the stomach the liquid form (e.g., oil) can be absorbed by the oromucosal surface. The way of intake might affect the bioavailability, the concentration of human plasma and the lifecycle of CBD in the human body. A study from year 2018 summarizes the results of tests where different intake methods were compared from the perspective mentioned above. Based on the published results we can say that the plasma concentration increases with a higher dose, however, the time it takes to maximize (approx. 1-4 hours) is independent from the applied dose. The bioavailability of CBD and other phytocannabinoids is much more effective if they are applied after meal.

CeBDon influence on appetite

The development of appetite is just as biological as psychological process. Since CBD might affect multiple processes through the endocannabinoid system of the human body it is hard to determine its direct effect to the appetite. Nevertheless, due to the potential effect to serotonin receptors the CBD might increase the appetite by reducing the uncomfortable stomach conditions (like nausea). Use CeBDoN oils shortly after meal and then after a longer time period to decide what effect it has to our hunger and appetite.

The use of CBD as adjunct therapy

Although several studies have been published about the physiological effects of CBD a few mechanisms have not been clarified yet. Nevertheless, we can say that CBD has very safe physiological profile. CBD is well tolerated by the human organism, only small side effects can be observed with CBD dose up to 160 mg/day. (The standard daily dose from CeBDon 1500 mg oil counting with 3 x 4 drops is 90 mg/day.) Of course, these values might vary as each individual has its own peculiar biochemical characteristic and weight which significantly affects the favorable dose. Nonetheless, the critical review report published by WHO states that “CBD is generally well tolerated with good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.”. The mentioned review was composed based on the results of high number pre-clinical and clinical researches according to which CBD has negligible side effects. It is important to emphasize that CBD might change the efficiency of other medicaments by affecting the metabolism (degradation) of active substances in the organism. This process happens mainly in the liver and it is the Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) superfamily of enzymes that plays key role in the metabolism of drugs. Certain molecules and active substances might impact the activity of these enzymes by slowing them down or even speeding them up thus affecting the time it takes to degrade active substances and influencing their lifecycle in the human body. Enzyme CYP3A4 is part of the above mentioned superfamily of enzymes and it has significant role in the degradation of CBD but also in the metabolism of the active substances of other medicaments. If CBD „occupies” this enzyme then it can have an impact on the metabolism of other active substances but other drug molecules can also block the metabolism of CBD. As a result, either the level of drug molecules or the level of CBD might increase, alternatively the given substances might be present in the organism for a longer period of time. Such active substances can be steroids, antidepressants, beta-blockers or antihistamines. Special attention  


is required with drugs that can interact with grapefruit.

As a matter of course, the provided information is merely for general guidance and if you would like to use CeBDon oil as an adjunct treatment consult with your physician as CBD might not conflict with your therapy or medicaments even if it is falling into any of the before mentioned category. Do not stop your existing medication just because you would like to use CBD unless instructed to do so by your therapist! As a matter of fact, your therapist can help you choose the right CeBDon CBD oil so that you can use it safely and enjoy its beneficial effects besides your existing treatment.

Can CBD oil slow you down?

As in many other cases, every person has individual reactions, distinct biochemistry and metabolism which has a significant role in this case as well. Some people feel sleepy and some feel energetic after the same dose. It is even possible that the effect can turn to the opposite with increased dose. That’s why we emphasize that it’s important to observe the reactions of your body and find the favorable amount for yourself. Immediately turn to your physician in case you experience any unusual reaction to CBD.